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Vinton's Leading Pressure Washing Services


Are you looking for a dependable pressure washing company that will deliver you the outstanding curb appeal you deserve? If so, then people in Vinton and the surrounding areas can always count on the pressure washing pros at Legacy Pressure Washing!

Anyone can make a promise, but only the most trusted companies can deliver on that promise and then some. Legacy Pressure Washing is the team that Vinton knows it can count on for affordable pressure washing services that consistently achieve excellence with all their services. We understand what our climate does to your exterior surfaces, and we've invested in only the industry's most advanced pressure washing equipment available. There's not a surface material that is too far gone for our team, and we'd love to take on any challenging project you have.

Here are just some of the reasons Legacy Pressure Washing is the premier pressure washing company in Vinton:

  • We respect your property and treat it as meticulously as we do our own
  • We specialize in cleaning a wide variety of surface materials
  • Our cleaning detergents are environmentally safe and won't damage your plants or lawn
  • First-class customer service is our top priority
  • There's no stain or grime too difficult to remove for our team
  • Our pressure washing will protect your surfaces from premature degradation and color fading
  • We love helping our neighbors get the most magnificent curb appeal possible

If you're interested in getting your surfaces spotless at an affordable price, we'd love to hear from you. For first-ranked Vinton pressure washing, call Legacy Pressure Washing at 540-598-6573.

Make Your Vinton Home Stand Out With Professional House Washing

When you're ready to get rid of any dust, smog, algae, dirt, or other blemishes that are covering your Vinton home, Legacy Pressure Washing is who you want to call. Our professional house washing service is the perfect way to give all of your house sidings a makeover that you're sure to love.

The best part about getting your sidings washed by Legacy Pressure Washing is that regardless of what material they're made from, we have the cleaning treatment that will have them beautiful again and protect them against future damages.

Vinton's Trusted Source For Precision Sidewalk Cleaning

Your Vinton sidewalks and walkways can look brand new again, and Legacy Pressure Washing is more than prepared to do that for you. Our sidewalk cleaning service is the ace up your sleeve when you want to say goodbye to any grime or stains mucking up your favorite walkways. Some of the benefits that come with our sidewalk cleaning and walkway washing treatment include:

  • We achieve a uniform clean, so there are no spots or streaks left behind
  • Our cleaning solutions won't harm your lawn or landscaping
  • Sidewalk cleaning by our crew will add years of life to your walkways
  • We wash slipping hazards and germs so you can keep your property safe

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